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Rosemary I. Patterson, Ph.D. Author, Unique Books

Author of Historical, Adventure, Environmental, Self-Help Books.

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My titles free on Kindle Sept. 16 to 20th.

Posted on September 11, 2016 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (670)
Hi all,

Just wanted you to know that my titles are all available free on Amazon - Kindle editions from Friday Sept. 16 to the 22nd.  The books are very relevent - given the Pipeline Protest in North Dakota, the American election (Trump's rascist and bigoted pronouncements), and terror campaigns in the Middle East amongst other issues.

I've been very busy researching what happened to Native Americans and Mexican Americans once California became a state in 1850.  A new book called Billion Dollar dilemma will be coming out soon, a romantic comedy but dealing with psychological and educational issues concerning Aboriginal and Mexican American Identity Confusion because of Assimilation policies.

Rosemary I. Patterson, Ph.D.

Rascism in Canada

Posted on January 23, 2015 at 1:09 PM Comments comments (26)
McLean's Magazine has named Winnipeg as the Capital of Rascism against First Nation's people in Canada.  My most recent book "The Great Canadian Adventure:  From Indian Country to Nation State" explores this theme extensively.  However there is a need to separate true Rascists from people who suffer from Ethno-Centric Monoculturalism.  The Ethno-
Centric Monocultural people have been enculturated that the British, WASP, tradition, or some other dominant culture is superior to all others.  Many of these people are actually well meaning but they have never thought to examine their biases, many of which are unconscious.

These people also underestimate the complexity of overcoming the effects of true rascism back in 1867 to 1967 when the proud, warrior, spiritual, First Nations people of the Plains were subjected to theft of their lands, broken promises to help during famines, starvation, marginalization and what the historian James Daschuk calls Ethno-Cleansing of the Plains, not to mention being forcibly placed in Residential Schools whose teachers were determined to break their spirit and "take the Indian out of the Indian."  Those schools had a death rate of close to fifty percent, and the recent Reconciliation hearings have shown that sexual molestation was rampant in these schools.

It is not only Winnipeg that suffers from Rascism and/or Ethno-Centric Monoculturalism.  These characteristics are present all across Canada.  They particularly effect young First Nations women who come from rural areas (often to study at College) who find themselves victims of depraved sexually, driven low life elements.  Ethno-Centric monoculturalists unconsciously like to be with people like themselves and this results in discrimination in housing, employment, college entrance, club belonging and many other ways to enable WASP people, or other Ethno-Centric Culture groups to hang out with each other.

It is very good that the discrimination going on against First Nation's people is being publicly acknowledged.  Surely this is a time when prejudices/injustices of the past and present must be rooted out and faced.  We are all human beings and our home (the planet we live on) can no longer support the negative aspects of enculturated, superiority-based  bias systems that result in wars, greed, serious damage to the planet and grievous inhumanity to others not exactly like us.

Visit to Hawaii and Kitchener-Waterloo

Posted on July 3, 2014 at 2:23 PM Comments comments (22)
Hi All,

My audiobook "Kula Keiki Ali'i" did not win the Hawaii Assoc. of Recording Artists Spoken Word Grammy this year.  However it was an honor to have been nominated for it.

My visit to Hawaii was constrained as I managed to jar a lower back vertebrae on a bus and had to lie on a couch for two weeks to get it to stop vibrating.  Fortunately I had uploaded a bunch of books for the historical novel I am working on now "The Great Canadian Adventure:  From Indian Country to Nation State" so got a lot of reading done.

Visited Kitchener/Waterloo next and had a great time.  Here are some photos.  The horses and buggies belong to the Old Order Mennonites who were picking up their children from school.  There are props from Stratford and its costume warehouse.  The highlight of the visit was to Chiefswood, the preserved home of Pauline Johnson, the great Indian poet and orator.  The porcelain doll is her personal doll, Bella.  The statue is of Shakespeare. 

Visit to San Diego and Hollywood

Posted on April 18, 2014 at 5:46 PM Comments comments (40)
Hi all,

Just came back from a visit to San Diego, Hollywood and crossed over the border into Mexico at Mexicali.

San Diego is a marvelous place for an author to visit.  There is a section called Old Town where the Spanish influence is extremely powerful.  Also you can trace what happened to the Indian people here (Indians, Mexican/Indian) when California claimed half of Mexico.  Can you believe that 50,000 Indians were shot on sight (the bounty was $100 for men over 12 and $50 for women.  And that is as late as 1867.

Visited Universal Studios in Hollywood and really enjoyed the tour.  A tram takes you into back lot movie sets including Psycho and lets you experience Special Effects.

I'm waiting now to see if my audiobook "Kula Keiki Al'ii wins the Spoken Word Category of the Hawaiian Association of Recording Artists for which it was nominated this year.  Awards Ceremony is May 24/2014.

Here are some pictures from California and including the cover of my novel "Money Child" set in Newport Beach and my audiobook.  That's a Shamrock Margarita on St. Patrick's Day.

Hawaii For The Tourists and the Wealthy of the World

Posted on January 2, 2014 at 5:59 PM Comments comments (4)
Hi All,

I'm just back from a pleasant visit to Oahu   Here are a few pictures from my bus ride out to Makaha over December.  While I was riding the bus over to Makaha I noticed a sign saying "Save Makaha Beach"  asking people to go to  So I looked the website up and was amazed to find that the mainly Native Hawaiian area of Makaha had a highway running through its main beach park  (Farrington Highway).  I also passed the main prison on Oahu.  It is really a scary looking place.

To get from the changerooms to the beach it is necessary to cross over the main highway.  There is not even a crosswalk and someone has even been killed when a drunken driver ran into the bus stop there.  You might want to look at the website and sign their petition to correct the matter and take the highway further towards the mountains.  I was struck by the discrepancy between expenditures (sixteen billion dollars to extend light rail) to the wealthy new City of Kapolei plus the area that has just been sold by the Campbell Estate people for thousands of new homes on former agricultural land and the amount spent in predominatly Native Hawaiian areas.

I don't think Queen Ka'ahumanu would be pleased by the vast discrepancy between expenditures on Native Hawaiian areas and wealthy areas.  She was pretty well responsible for the decision to Westernize Hawaii.

Special Kindle Discount on Novels

Posted on November 18, 2013 at 5:27 PM Comments comments (19)
Hi All,
Just wanted to let you know that the Kindle Digital Platform ( is running a special discount on all my books.  The first day there is a 84% price reduction which goes up to the normal Kindal price after four increases.
First days for Hawaii books are:
Aloha and MaiTais - Nov. 26/13,
Kuliano - Nov. 20/13
Kula Keiki Ali'i - Nov. 20/13
Kuhina Nui - Nov. 22/13
Liliha and the Sacred Mission - Nov. 23/13
An End To Innocence - Nov. 27/13
First day for my Metaphysical (New Age) books are:
No Need To Say Goodbye - Nov. 21/13
Not Really Coincidence about Purposeful Life and Destiny Points - Nov. Nov. 23/13
First day for my Self-Help books are:
Way of the SuperNova - Nov. 19/13
School Proof Your Child - Nov. 25/13
First day for my Environmental Adventure Books are:
At Eagle's Edge - Nov. 21
Alaska Now - Nov. 25/13
Journey Great Barrier Reef - Nov. 26/13
Mission Mururoa - Nov. 20/13
First day for Humor Novels are:
The Wager - Nov. 26/13
Healing Khadijah - Nov. 21/13
Money Child - Nov. 21
First Day for Young Adult Novels Are:
Liliha and the Sacred Mission - Nov. 23/13
Alias the Tank - Nov. 21/13
First Day for Adventure Novel are:
Return of the Canoe Societies - Nov. 26,
Last Wild Place - Nov. 21
Timber Sale - Nov. 21
I will be returning to Hawaii from Dec. 5th. to Dec. 28th.  I'm going to soak up the sun, watch some surfing on the North Shore of Oahu and enjoy the Christmas concerts on the Island.

New guidebook to finding Purpose free on Kindle Oct. 25-30

Posted on October 23, 2013 at 2:28 PM Comments comments (8)
Hi all readers,
I'm delighted that "Not Really Coincidence:  Tracing Your Purposeful LIfe" has been published on Kindle's platform and will be available free from Fri. Oct. 25th. to Oct. 30th.  It is already available from
My Grammy equivalent (Hawaiian Hoku) nominated audiobook "Kula Keiki Ali'i" is available now on I-tunes as well as Audible books through Amazon.  I will not know until May, 2014 if it has won the "Spoken Word" category but I am very happy it has been nominated in the Hawaii Association Recording Artists yearly contest.  My sincere thanks to Guy Gaumont of Maui Filmworks Inc. for taking care of every aspect of bringing the audiobook into being and my sincere gratitude to Wayne Moniz, the narrator of the audiobook.  People hearing the audiobook tell me they can't stop listening even though it runs for over six hours.
I'm now working on a new Adventure novel with embedded history called "The Great Canadian Adventure", a temporary working title.  I'm trying to make sense of the treatment of Canadian First Nations's people from the time of Contact to the present day.  I'm getting the sense that clashing world views were behind the abominable failure to treat the First Nation's people with any kind of fairness.  The Euro-Centric world view that they were the most advanced civilization and that individual accomplishment rather than collective accomplishment was important  permeates their total lack of fair play while the value of the collective in the Native world view is totally dismissed. This appears to be what led to the intense forcing of Assimilation through Residential schools and the total resistence to assimilate by First Nation's People to the present day. 
Anyway I am absorbed in catching up on Canadian history from early contact to the present.  Somehow a novel will come out of all this.  I am managing to play a little golf as well.