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Rosemary I. Patterson, Ph.D. Author, Unique Books

Author of Historical, Adventure, Environmental, Self-Help Books.

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Oil spill in the Queen Charlottes

Posted on October 17, 2014 at 10:37 PM
Hi all:

I guess by now you have heard about the possible eco disaster that will happen if the Russian Cargo ship drifting near the Haida Gwaii coast drifts onto shore in the wind.

This is exactly the scenario I predicted in my novel "At Eagle's Edge".  The Federal Government lies about how effectively they can respond to a marine emergency in Northern and Central B.C. are being revealed.  The question is will the one tug being sent from Prince Rupert and battling the winter storm that is only the beginning of the season get to the disabled cargo ship before it drifts into the shore line and breaks up.

Imagine if it was one of the new proposed super-tankers filled with Dilbit  from Kitimat that was experiencing this scenario.  As it is the pristine eco-system will be badly damaged with a bunker oil spill if the worst case scenario happens.  Hopefully this threat will end well.  At the very least it is a warning to the government about what can and will happen if they insist on sending super-tankers up the B.C. Coast and shut down the warning systems and response units that should be in place.

In other news I have returned to School Psychology and am enjoying helping the students in one of B.C.'s school districts.

My latest novel "The Great Canadian Adventure:  From Indian Country to Nation State is now available from and the Kindle e-book outlets.  It is both an easy way to learn about Canadian treatment of its Aboriginal people and an entertaining novel.

In other news my friends in Hawaii, Laurel Douglass and Guy Gaumont of Maui Filmworks Inc. have placed one of their Hawaii culture videos on U-tube for viewing.  It's called "Taro First."

Categories: Canadian History, Environmental Novel, Haida Gwaii and tanker disaster, Kindle book, Native Americans

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